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The countries happy to see Greece leave the Eurozone

By Szu Ping Chan 12 July 2015

Which countries are desperate to keep Greece in the Eurozone and which would be happy if it left? We take you through the country's friends and foes

Ireland, Portugal and Spain, which have all received Eurozone support, are thought to want to keep Greece in the Eurozone Photo: Getty

With 19 members in the Eurozone to please, keeping all of them happy has been a challenge.

The breakdown of trust between Greece and the rest of the Eurozone is clear. But some countries have taken a harder stance than others. Here’s a look at the position of the 19 nations, and some of their leaders’ words:

Hardliners: Germany, Estonia, Finland, Slovakia, Netherlands, Slovenia, Latvia, Belgium, Lithuania
• Greece news live: an agreement has been reached

Europe's northern states have always been sceptical about Greece's bail-outs, but the calls for the country's ejection from the Eurozone are loudest in Germany. But it's not just the Eurozone's most powerful member that is concerned. Its newest member, Lithuania, has also expressed anger. Dalia Grybauskaite, the country's president, has described the current government's attitude to reforms as "all the time mañana".


Angela Merkel, Chancellor:

Quote The most important currency has vanished with Greece - and that is trust.


Taavi Rõivas, prime minister:

Quote Trust is renewable but it doesn’t happen very easily. Optimism is our moral duty but it’s clear there it isn't much reason for optimism.



Alexander Stubb, finance minister:

Quote My own view is that Greece is being given exactly two choices: either they approve the whole package, and these are clearly harsher than what Greece rejected in referendum last weekend, and the other option is some kind of euro membership suspension or freeze.


Robert Fico, prime minister:

Quote If Slovakia managed to carry out reforms then Greece has to be able to do it, too, there is no room for mercy from our side.



Quote Our goal is clear, for the Netherlands the only way to aid is open if the Greeks are prepared to take the necessary steps that the economy can stand on its own legs again.


Dušan Mramor, finance minister:

Quote Discussions have boiled-down to two options, which are both bad. Plan A is new programme for Greece which requires large investment and Plan B which is of course Greece exiting the euro. Both have a huge impact which makes it really difficult to figure out which of the two options is the better one.


Dalia Grybauskaite, president:

Quote If someone changes their options every week, to gain trust is not easy. We want reliable actions on the table, agreed overnight if necessary. Every day costs a lot for Greece, especially for the Greek people.

Dirk Hoeren @DirkHoeren

#Lithuania Pres. @Grybauskaite_LT attacks #Greece MP @atsipras: "For Greek government is every day mañana"

2:39 AM - 8 Jul 2015

Prefers Greece to remain in Eurozone: Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Ireland

Jean Asselborn, foreign minister

Quote It would be fatal for Germany’s reputation in the EU and the world if Berlin doesn’t seize the opportunity now provided by the Greek reform proposals.



Joseph Muscat, prime minister:

Quote The fact that this summit has been convened in itself shows a willingness to go the extra mile. We should rely on what the institutions [European commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund] have been saying and definitely what was enough 10 days ago might not be enough today because [the Greek economy] has deteriorated in a very rapid manner.

Greece should be kept in the Eurozone but not at any cost.

Mariano Rajoy, prime minister:

Quote We keep our constructive attitude that Greece will continue in the Eurozone but Greece has to comply with the rules. From now on we have to make an effort to continue with economic integration. We have to move toward a federalisation of the euro area.


Enda Kenny, Taoiseach

Quote [The situation is] very serious. Every day this goes on the eventual solutions become more costly. We don’t want to look back in ten years time have a situation whereby this could have been saved but wasn’t.


Hans Jörg Schelling, finance minister:

Quote When all these conditions are fulfilled, a further program will be negotiated. Not before.


Against Grexit: France, Italy, Cyprus

France has emerged as Greece's closest ally in negotiations, while Alexis Tsipras, Greece's prime minister, has referred to Matteo Renzi, his Italian counterpart, as a "friend".


Francois Hollande, president:

Quote What’s at stake is Europe. It’s not just about the future of Greece. It’s the concept we have of Europe. There is Grexit or no Grexit. Greece is in the Eurozone or out of it. But if it’s out of it, it’s Europe that is shrinking.


Matteo Renzi, prime minister:

"Humiliating a European partner after Greece has given up on just about everything is unthinkable".


Harris Georgoiadies, finance minister:

Quote The position of Cyprus was and remains that Greece must remain in the hard core of the European Union. We need to learn to operate less on the basis of emotions and more on the basis of logic and the difficult, but necessary, decisions that offer brighter prospects.

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