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Greece news live: Tsipras quells rebellion as Greeks set to pass tougher three-year rescue package

By Mehreen Khan, Isabelle Fraser and David Millward 10 July 2015

Deal looks to be more severe than the proposal rejected by Sunday's referendum and - crucially - there is no mention of debt sustainability

More from the Greek Prime Minister who is having a tough time defending the package which is essential to keep Greece within the Eurozone. He says there is little doubt that the country has been in a war.
Quote Now I have the feeling we've reached the demarked line. From here on there is a minefield, and I don't have the right to dismiss this or hide it from the Greek people.
Alexis Tsipras, the Greek Prime Minister, has also made a passionate defence of the package he has brought before the country's parliament. He said the proposals were better than those which had been rejected by voters in the referendum - a view which has been disputed by some experts.
Quote It is a choice of high national responsibility, we have a national duty to keep our people alive...we will succeed not only to stay in Europe but to live as equal peers with dignity and pride,

Euclid Tsakalotos
The Greek government is trying to convince parliament to accept the spending cuts and tax rises demanded in return for the 53.5 billion euro lifeline. Euclid Tsakalotos, the new finance minister, has warned of dire consequences if the deal is not rubber stamped.
Quote If nothing changes on Monday, and if we don't all play a part in a new day dawning, then we will have a major problem,
Protestors still say OXI
The Greek parliament is set to sign off on austerity measures that were overwhelmingly rejected by the country in a referendum last weekend.
Anti-austerity demonstrators, many affiliated to the Communist party (KKE) are now gathering outside the parliament building in Syntagma Square to voice their backing for an 'Oxi' for austerity.

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Left Platform rebellion quelled
The insurrection will not go ahead. The Left Platform hard wing of Syriza have decided to back Mr Tsipras. Earlier today we heard that there were only 5 rebel MPs calling for a rejection of the terms.
However, the remaining 65 or so will vote 'Yes' to the rescue deal giving the government a mandate to negotiate ahead of this weekend's emergency summits.
Varoufakis spotted heading to holiday home
He won't be at tonight's vote for "family reasons", but Yanis Varoufakis has been seen on a boat off to his holiday home with his wife.
It's alright for some...
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Greece news live: Tsipras quells rebellion as Greeks set to pass tougher three-year rescue package - Telegraph